To develop a talent pool for Life Sciences in India that matches industry needs,keeps pace with changing technology and is at par with research talents in the evolved markets of the world.

Current Good Laboratory Practices

CREST’s preliminary course in GLP  will enable students  get a glimpse of the basic knowledge regarding GLPs followed in India and around the world.  The course will also lay a good foundation for expanding this knowledge in the in-depth advanced module. This course will provide participants with an understanding of terminology and acceptable practices, GLP testing and compliance. The course will review regulations, as well as, current issues involving International Harmonization. Students will get an understanding of the needs for thorough documentation. Also included is a discussion of functions related to Quality Assurance responsibilities and the need to effectively audit for GLP compliance. An insight into Standard Operating procedures will also be given. The course will add great value to those who wish to pursue a career in research and lab related functions. They could become invaluable to the organization during audits and inspections.