To develop a talent pool for Life Sciences in India that matches industry needs,keeps pace with changing technology and is at par with research talents in the evolved markets of the world.

Patent landscaping is undertaken to understand gaps in the technology/the market or in the IP. CREST can conduct landscaping to give an analysis of how and why any given technology is to be shaped to fit into the technological market space while ensuring that IP of another technology is not violated. The report will also offer recommendations on market dynamics as well as technological intelligence required for an invention/product creation. As over 70% of new invention often come from youngsters, CREST has  taken up the mission of providing   patent landscaping services for excellent student projects without charges . This gives CREST access to new ideas , which are converted into technology and offered to the market. Students and academic institutions seek these services in order to create paten worthy technology for their patent cells.

Follow this link to read one of the documents filed on behalf of students in the Indian Patent Office.