To develop a talent pool for Life Sciences in India that matches industry needs,keeps pace with changing technology and is at par with research talents in the evolved markets of the world.

Crest wishes to embark on a global drive to provide comprehensive patent and innovation services to research teams in both the Life sciences and engineering sectors.

Our services to the life sciences sector are unique in that we provide research architecture /paths wherever necessary and can be a valuable & trusted third party associated to provide fresh perspectives.


  Advisory Board:  
Mrs. Bhuvana Jaiganesh
  Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram

Mrs.Bhuvana Jaiganesh heads Crest Bio Consulting Private Limited. She completed her M.Sc in toxicology from Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Science, Taramani. She further went on to pursue another Masters in Health Sciences specializing in Management from University of Central Florida, USA. She has since been working with the Indian and International Health Care Industries or specialized technical documentation. She is also a Government certified Patent Agent Under the Indian Patent Law. In her capacity as a patent agent she would be able to file and act on legally act on behalf any inventor or corporation. She has been working as a patent professional in India for the latest 5 years. Besides providing traditional patent consulting services, she also works with research teams in the life science sectors to improve productivity in research. Her experience in Regulatory documentation in Parma and biotech allows her to assist in filing the new compounds with regulatory bodies such as the USFDA and EPA.

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Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram is a patent agent and attorney who is has a doctorate in patent law. He has wide experience representing corporate clients in the Madras High Court for the last quarter of a century. He is well respected among the lawyer fraternity and supports CREST in all missions related to patent law.

Mr. B.Jaiganesh   Mr. Fareed Jawar

Mr. B.Jaiganesh, another director of CREST is a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He is one among the top power system-engineering consultants from Chennai. Besides teaching as a guest lecturer, he also works with Industry research teams to  jumpstart innovation in the power energy sector.


Mr.Fareed is an Entrepreneurial Enginner with expertise in Electronic Payments technology with over 14 years experience (national & international). Worked with multi national organizations like HP (Verifone Division), Charles Schwab, eFunds (now FIS)  on various complex projects involving multiple technologies and managing cross functional teams. Fareed being a senior software and hardware expert offers support in the IT domain. He is also actively inovolved in CREST’s endeavors to convert academic ideas into technology.

Mr. Narayanan


Mr. Narayanan, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Anna University, he is also an inventor in his own technology space, he has a patent pending for a bamboo based prosthetic contraption used in amputees. He has worked in the mechanical engineering design division of TVS motors, a leading auto player in Southern India. He is responsible for assessing inventions related to mechanical engineering and design.
The team of professionals from the Biotech and chemical sectors are Postgraduates in biotechnology and chemistry with an experience ranging from 2 to 8 years in patent search.